Shenzhen Sunrise Glassware Co., Ltd. is specialized in the glassware R&D and manufacturing.
We supply all kinds of glassware which includes Mouth-blown stemware, barware, wine glass, burgundy glass, drinking glass, long drink glass brandy glass, wine goblet, champagne glass, flute glass, hurricane glass, sherry glass, water glass, crystal glass, glass tumbler, beer glass, beer mug, whiskey glass, pilsner glass, rock glass, shot glass, spirits glass, wine decanter, glass pitcher, glass jar glass jug, glass carafe, cocktail glass, martini glass, irish coffee glass, glass bottle, perfume glass bottle, pepper bottle, salt bottle, colored glass, glass vase, candle holder, ashtray, glass plate, glass bowl, ice cream cup, ice bucket and etc. We also carry the series of coffee pot, tea pot, double wall cups of borosilicate glass  with superior quality.
Our glassware have been by FDA, CA65,etc testing which certificated by international inspection companies.